Jimmy Noy and his 2003 Lexus IS300

2003 Lexus IS300

Interior: Altezza JDM cluster, Modellista JDM door panels, Altezza JDM front seats, Custom 2-tone dash/center console, Vertex steering wheel, and Custom wink mirror.

Exterior: Front and side Vertex kit, BN Sports rear bumper, Carbon fiber trunk wing, JDM eyelids, Chameleon headlight film, and Altezza front grill.

Suspension: Ksport air management, UAS bags, Vair compressor, and custom painted air tank to match the wheels.

Wheels: Leon Hardiritt Bugel 3piece with powder coated transparent faces and mirror lips. 326 Power Japan wheel lugs/spikes.
Front: 18x9 +23 Rear: 18x9 +21

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